Please note: Some of these clips take a few minutes to start; have patience!


Prompts for Joy: 2009

What a Wonderful World: Animal lovers will especially like this short one. (~ 2 minutes)

Bodhisattva in Metro:
This one’s a little bit longer. Just try not to laugh. (~6 ½ minutes)

Prompts for Joy: December 2008

You’ve Probably Seen It, But Just in Case You Haven’t:

Click here for my top pick of the year. This tale of Christian the Lion never fails to elicit tears of joy …

You’ll Get Chills Up Your Spine:

Click here for a 9-minute clip about Negro Spirituals and Wintley Phipps’ rendition of Amazing Grace.

You’ll Think About These Long After You’ve Listened:

Click here for The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes.

Click here for Jill Bolte Taylor’s now-famous talk on her Stroke of Insight. It’s almost 19 minutes long, but totally worth it.

You’ll Wonder What’s So Funny Until …

Click here for Part I and then Click here for Part II of Cat Talk.

Click here to view Gizmo’s fascination with the toilet bowl.

You Just Might Laugh Out Loud:

Click here for a horse whose name has a hilarious pronunciation!

Click here just in case you didn’t get enough of the Real Diamonds.

You’ll See Why They Say Happiness is Contagious:

Click here for an invitation to dance.


Prompts for Joy: December 2007

Something Moving and Inspiring: Click here for Paul Potts’ rendition of Nessun Dorma on the TV show, “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Something That’s Creative and Clever: Click here for a music video by OK Go that you won’t forget:

Something That Evokes Great Memories: Click here for a brief clip from a recent trip to Portugal. This video was shot with a digital camera, while riding a bicycle, by my husband, Bill. The song of the sheep bells, alone, is a magnificent prompt.

For Red Sox Fans, Only: Click here for Jonathan Papelbon, the Red Sox’ no-nonsense closer, celebrating sweet victory with a Riverdance.

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