Prompts for Joy: 2017


Disaster Relief: Click here for musical inspiration that arose from disaster.

Kindness: Click here to hear a poet’s take on kindness.

Against All Odds: Click here to be inspired by resilience.

Color the World: Click here to share in a technicolor moment.

Dip Into Your DNA: Click here to ponder your origins and bust through your biases.

Dancing Stoplight: Click here for some pedestrian fun.

Help Out: Click here to appreciate helping hands.

Healing Horses: Click here to see equine assistance up close.

Puffer Mandala: Click here see art made underwater by an unlikely creature.

Snappable: Click here if you just need to dance into that feelin’ good place.

Angelic Duo: Click here to hear two young and inspiring voices.

Love Your Mom: Click here to celebrate the sacrifices your Mom made for you.

Bear-y Boogie: : Click here to be inspired by bears to boogie.

Happy Dance: Click here for a guaranteed uplift.

Hummingbird Wisdom: Click here an antidote to feeling insignificant.

New Year’s Wishes: Click here to hear a beautiful wish for all in the new year.

Hope in 40 Seconds: Click here see a hopeless woman transformed.

Loving Nature: Click here for a sweet love story about a dog and a deer.

Deep Dive: : Click here to enter the deep sea and escape into its beauty.

Instrumental Music: Click here for a glimpse into recycling at its best.

Mindful Stopping: : Click here to be convinced of the merits of mindfulness.



















































































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