Prompts for Joy: 2016


Joyful Trust: Click here to see a young man’s brave willingness.

Bounce: Click here to witness unbridled joy at holiday time, or really, any time.

Grateful Serenade: Click here for an invitation to gratefulness.

An Unusual Pair: Click here to see love bloom from the side of a boat.

Lunchtime Serenade: Click here see some school kids get an operatic surprise.

Funky Mashup: Click here for a great medley of old dance clips with rousing music.

Be Mime: Click here to see a unique take on a few love songs.

Gifts Given and Received: Click here to watch bitterness transform into delight.

Love Prevails: Click here to hear a beautiful response to the June 2016 tragedy in Orlando, FL.

Stork Delivery Forthcoming: Click here for a young boy’s delight in hearing he will become a big brother.

Creative Grief: Click here to share a brother’s talented expression of grief.

Doves Cry into Joy : Click here to hear a chorus of grief that brings joy.

Masked Mom: Click here to catch a contact high from a joy-filled mother.

Kitty Drama : Click here to laugh at a kitten’s unfounded fear.

It’s All in the Hands: Click here for a humorous Italian lesson in speaking with your hands.

Pretty Polar: Click here to savor phenomenal natural beauty.

Take That, Simon: Click here to see a talented young man change Simon Cowell’s mind.

Bach Boomwhackers: Click here to hear a delightful rendition of Bach’s Prelude No 1 in C Major.

Respect the Dash: Click here to see what this phrase means.

Sculpted Love: Click here for a 3 minute love story that you must might have to watch again.

Natural Gratitude: Click here for a combination of natural beauty and a great message.

Mixed Music: Click here to hear a delightful wedding of two pieces of music. 

Take a Dive: Click here for a whimsical journey with giraffe.

Wounda’s Release: Click here for moving moments as a gorilla returns to the wild.  





















































































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