Prompts for Joy: 2015


The Wednesday Dance: Click here to see The Addams Family’s Wednesday give Lurch a dance lesson.

Who’s Parenting Who: Click here to hear a daughter’s amazing advice for her Mom.

Where He Draws the Line: Click here to see a man with a humorous problem.

Rain Ritual: Click here to experience summer rain through a child’s eyes.

Croatian Joy: Click here for a joyful trip to Croatia.

Whale of a Good Time: Click here to see close-up footage of a killer whale pod (or two).

Doggy Desires: Click here see a dog whose happiness seems to depend upon a new relationship.  

Celebratory Song: Click here for a unique recitation of vows.

Our Brainy Differences: Click here to laugh at the differences between men and women.  

Special Delivery: Click here for a reminder that you, too, are special.

Afternoon Delight: Click here to appreciate a simple water sprinkler

Mud Bath: Click here for a baby elephant’s sheer joy.

Lanyard Love: Click here to celebrate a Momís irreplaceable gifts.

Re-Define Success: Click here for a new measure of success.

Diverse Love: Click here to celebrate the love of diversity.     

Otter Joy: Click here for the perfect slide.

Panda-Monium: Click here to see some precious, playful pandas.    

Take a Stance: Click here for a humorous look at batters at the plate.

Canine Manners: Click here to see some well-mannered dogs at mealtime.      

In the Hunt: Click here for the thrill of pursuit, with a funny twist.

Rap This: Click here for a joyful music lesson.       

Pet Loss Primer: Click here for imagined messages from deceased pets to their owners.






































































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