Prompts for Joy: 2014


Sportsmen Siblings: Click here for an inspiring story of a brother’s devotion.       

Pixel Painter: Click here to learn about an amazing artist still at it in his 90’s.

What, No Pictures?: Click here for a glimpse into a children’s book with no pictures that is both fun and funny!

Arigato Says Japan: Click here to be moved by heartfelt expressions of gratitude.

Bedhead People: Click here for a goofy moment with some bedheads.

A Child’s Enthusiasm: Click here for a quick lesson on gratitude, and a kid who loves, among other things, her home!

Birthday Greeting: Click here for a birthday song inspired by social networking.

Open Hearted Invitation: Click here to remember what others feel.

Stop It: Click here to see Bob Newhart at his best.

A Kinder Anthem: Click here to be reminded of what it takes to treat yourself well.

Juggling Virtuoso: Click here to be awestruck. I guarantee it.

Take Flight: Click here for an inspirational flight taken by two women.

Here for Some Reason: Click here to hear an explanation of why you are still here.

Commencement Message: Click here for Dr. Seuss’s best words for the graduate.

Dramatic Sand: Click here to see a dramatic story unfold in the sand.

Awesome Conduct: Click here to see a beautiful gift being expressed.

Name Change: Click here to see a beautiful interaction between a woman and a black leopard.

Adorable Duo: Click here to see a father/daughter duo make beautiful music.

Over This Rainbow: Click here to see and hear sweet rainbows.

Single Cats on Valentine’s Day: Click here to see how kitties cope with being alone.

Is This Love?: Click here to see some agile elders answer the question.

Two Men and a Cello: Click here to see a beautiful interpretation of Saint-Saen’s The Swan.

Harmonica Man: Click here to see a prescription in the form of a harmonica.
















































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