Prompts for Joy: 2013


Speed History: Click here to see how a 17 year old responded to an assignment for a two minute history.

Electronic Nativity: Click here to see the Nativity story as told in the electronic age.

Piano Fun: Click here to see an awesome performance by 12 players and just one piano!

Name That Feeling: Click here to see Dave Matthews and Sesame Street’s Grover name their feelings.

Flying High: Click here to see an operatic performance by one man and a few kites.

Grateful Expression: Click here for an invitation to cultivate happiness via gratitude.

Pinwheel: Click here to see some Scottie dogs dance!

Ernestine is Dialed-In: Click here for a nostalgic time-travel back to the days of Laugh-In on TV.

Quadruple the Laughs: Click here if you want to “catch” some infectious laughter. It’s contagious!

Scaredy-Cat: Click here to be reminded that sometimes our fear is funny.

Awesome Focus: Click here to see an amazing feat requiring immense concentration.

Prodigal Shooter: Click here to watch a 2 ½ year old who is ready for the NBA Draft.

Common Ground: Click here to see common ground found in an unusual location.

Stairway to Adulthood: Click here to watch a puppy learning to navigate a staircase.

On the 9th Day: Click here to celebrate what happened on the 9th day.

Happy Baby, Happy Mom: Click here to experience the joy of a child’s first word.

Afternoon Dip: Click here to see a young elephant who loves to swim.

A Great Lift: Click here to be reminded of your unique beauty.

Noah’s Slam: Click here to see a young man perform poetry that pops.

The Beat Goes On: Click here to see a cat who loves music, apparently.

It’s Complimentary: Click here to see what a difference compliments can make.

O Fortuna Huh?: Click here to see a serious song made silly.


























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