Prompts for Joy: 2012


Cold Therapy: Click here to watch someone take the plunge.

Who’s in the Pear Tree?: Click here for a fun take on a holiday standard.

Giant Permission: Click here to get permission to live your life, courtesy of an SF Giants’ vibe.

Enjoy this Dreamy Ride: Click here for wise suggestions for enjoying the ride.

Don’t Give Up: Click here for be inspired by someone who did not give up.

Music Appreciation: Click here to see how music affects us at a very young age.

Togetherness: Click here for a peek at the fondness between a toddler and his dog.

Surfin’ USA: Click here to see a unique surfer.

A Flash of Joy: Click here to see an open-air celebration of Beethoven’s Joy.

Put on the Ritz: Click here for an uplifting dance on a wintery day in Russia.

Father-Daughter Bridal Dance: Click here for a dance with a twist.

Talking Twins: Click here to hear a universal language.

185 Voices: Click here for a unique choral performance.

Ooh-La-La: Click here to travel to Paris without buying a plane ticket.

Out is Through: Click here for a joy-inducing anthem.

Wonderful (Spoken) World: Click here for an all-too-short celebration of our wonderful world.

Swoon for Swan: Click here to drop your jaw over this astounding balletic performance.

Raining Cat and Dog Love: Click here to be convinced that small does not equal weak.

Bold Bunny: Click here to be reminded that bigger doesn’t always mean mightier.

Equine Love: Click here for an extraordinary love story.

Hugs That Say Yes!: Click here for a video that will give you a hug.

Can She Dance?: Click here to see excerpts of a favorite Seinfeld episode



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