Prompts for Joy: 2011

Joy in Bloom: Click here for time-lapse floral beauty.

Murmuration: Click here to find out what this word means!

Conductor of Joy: : Click here to see a 3-year old who knows his music.

A Capella Awesome: Click here to hear a fabulous medley of voices.

Hungry Dog: Click here to see a dog’s reaction to FOOD.

Travelin’ Fish: Click here to see some fish out of water.

Getting Unstuck: Click here to watch the agony and ecstasy of a whale’s predicament.

Searching Bee: Click here to giggle at a lamb looking for someone

Praise Rubber Cement!: Click here to appreciate an absolute gem for necessary repairs.

Ninja Kitten: Click here to be lifted by a nimble, determined kitten.

To Life!: Click here for a new bride’s surprise from her husband.

Untimely Laughter?: Click here for Mary Tyler Moore at her best.

Glue and Dust: Click here for an amazing piece of art created with glue and dust.

Word Selection: Click here for a short reflection on word selection. (grab a tissue).

A Spring Surprise, Part II: Click here to find out what happened to Helen the Hummingbird’s babies.

William Tell Mother: Click here for a day in the life of a Mom, summarized in just 3 minutes.

A Spring Surprise: Click here for a close-up view of a hummingbird’s nest.

Music in Nature: Click here for an awe-inspiring piece of music performed in a beautiful forest.

Better Together: Click here click here for amazing footage of a rescued hummingbird.

Remember This: Click here click here for an amusing look at what it is like to be memory-challenged.

G-rated Pole Dance: Click here for a G-rated Pole Dance that is bound to get an awwwww out of you!

Know Your States:Click here for a geography lesson that will make you want to dance.

Why Numbing Blocks Joy: click here for a brilliant explanation by researcher Brene Brown.

Creative Sticky Notes: click here to fuel your creativity.


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