Prompts for Joy: 2010


Do Sharks Laugh?: click here for 21 seconds of contagious laughter.

Inventive Percussion: click here to see Lulu and the Lampshades, or is that paper cups?

Surprise Performance: click here to view an unexpected hit on Britain’s Got Talent.

Naughty Printer: click here to see a cat who took action that was possibly motivated by self-interest …

Lyrical Changes: click here for a unique rendition of "Waking Up is Hard to Do" by The Laryngospasms.

Inventive Brilliance: click here for an unforgettable performance of “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go.

Gifted 6-Year Old: click here to witness composer and pianist, Emily Bear, in her first appearance on the Ellen show.

Wake-Up Call: click here for an amusing and accurate portrayal of a cat who is hungry.

Unexpected Love: click here to see an unexpected friendship between an orangutan and a hound.

Start Your Day With This: click here for a quick lesson on gratitude, and a kid who loves, among other things, her home!

California Coast: click here for a 9 ½ minute meditation featuring the beautiful California Coast.

A Dog and His Breakfast: click here to see a very expressive pooch.

Step Right Up: click here for a musical set of stairs.

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