FEEL BETTER IN THE MOURNING: Frequently Asked Questions About Grief

Marthaís responses to several FAQ about grief and loss can be found at the website, www.caring.com, which is devoted to helping the helpers who provide care to aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones.

For your convenience, here are links to her answers to the following questions:

When am I going to be able to stop grieving and start feeling better?

How do I find a grief counselor?

How do I interview a grief therapist?

Is it normal not to feel social after someone close to me has died?

How can I speed up the grieving process?

Am I experiencing grief or depression?

How do I take care of myself while Iím grieving?

What if I donít feel sad after a loved oneís death?

Is it normal to wish I could end my own life after a loved one has died?

Please browse the www.caring.com website. The resources and support available to you are bountiful!



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